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Related article: Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 13:44:56 -0600 From: Rob Subject: adventures of tray and jay 54"Adventures of Tray and Jay 54" PART 54: ROMANCE AT THE VIDEO STOREOkay, so I've been scamming on this hot little high schooler, who works at the neighborhood video store, forever it seems, and he knows it, believe me. When my eyes do a number on a dude, he knows it. So at first I thought he was straight, and then I decided he was maybe a touch confused and shy but do-able, and finally I worked my way around to the conclusion that he's gay as my big bro, judging from the red blotches his cheeks get now and the way his knees bend inward when I glance a little higher up his sexy front side.Only, that story's still waiting to be made, okay. This is something else. Man, is this one something else. I was in the romance section because he was. Normally I have no use for that stuff because they always leave the best parts out. But anyway, HE was there, so I was close on his butt. The boy has soft blond hair cut with those electric shears that have never made it near my head, on a number one setting. All they left on his scalp was a light cover barely deep enough to run your hand over and feel it shake back. His hair's so damn short, his scalp has a tan! No shit! I liked it a lot. He's thin so his T-shirt and knee-length shorts don't show much -- except for the bubble butt that won't hide, and the goose-downy legs. I wondered where he stashed his skateboard.Well, the kid wouldn't look back at me over his shoulder no matter how close I got, so I cleared my throat and passed him, only, my crotch got a little familiar with his sweet, tight, adolescent crack in passing. He tensed. I throbbed. When I couldn't let my bulge linger any longer, I broke contact and realized my belly had broken out in a wild-ass sweat. The kid tried to look at me without looking, okay, it was so cute, and then I saw his nose move as he sniffed.I was a little gamy, okay, I admit it. I'd been playing with some of the old Ruggers, and I didn't even take a shower that morning, just threw on my jock and sweat pants and tank top and headed out for my mayhem. I sniffed my pits and winced at what the boy there next to me must think."Have you seen this?" he asked, again without making full eye contact, and showed me the box."Nuh-uh," I grunted, shaking my shaggy hair and crossing my arms to hold in the funky man smell. He sniffed again. Little Lolita "Sorry, dude, I guess I need a shower.""No, no!" the boy blushed and made his head go back and forth real fast. "I mean, yeah, that's what I was noticing, but not because it's bad or anything, just weird."I waited to see how he got himself out of this one."Oh. No! Not weird, I mean, um -- I got it! Not typical! That's it! Not typical. Because, I mean, um, everybody wears deodorant all the time, and I hate it when I smell someone's deodorant and have to think how it's in there all sticky and nasty and gross."He paused for breath, played it all back in his cute head, and turned beet red. He tried to turn away, but I was right there with him. My hand found the top of his back, which was flaring heat, and he flinched! Big time!"Relax, dude. I'm with ya." He looked right in my eyes, and I fell into his baby blues. My mouth parted."You okay, man?" he asked, and I felt his hand on my forearm, real light but there anyway. I shook my head and focused on his mouth. Soft. Wet. Pink. His tongue flicked out over it, and the sight of it and the bubbles of spit it left behind made my dick almost snap my worn out strap. I needed another one again already. It's disgusting how fast I go through them now, but I never throw one away. Each one holds too many memories!"I'm cool," I lied. I was hot as hell, and so was the kid. "Jay." He squinted at me, thinking I meant him, then it dawned all over his beautiful, creamy smooth boy face."Oh! Seamus. That's me." He actually pointed at his chest, and I licked MY lips. "I'm Seamus. You're Jay.""Cool," I breathed wickedly, and my eyelids drooped in a way that made Seamus' head jerk back a little. I saw his adam's apple bob. Such a big adam's apple for such a little boy. He regained his composure."I'm really sorry about what I said, about your smell, I mean," Seamus plunged on. "Oh, no! Not again...""It's cool, Seamus.""No, no, I mean, there's nothing wrong with the smell of a man. Most men smell like girls. I don't ever use deodorant, and I -- I thought I was gross, maybe. You know?""Yeah, boy, I know." He looked at me again, with his head tilted down nervously and just his eyes darting up. I gave the bad boy in my jock a shameless squeeze, and Seamus' eyes went there for the first time. His mouth popped open. His blue eyes locked on the obvious strain of a trapped boner, and he paled. Slowly, his eyes moved up me to my face, and when they met mine, I grinned.Seamus almost passed out in shame. He turned back to the shelf and stuffed the box blindly on top of another, in the wrong place. He TRIED to get away, okay, but I wouldn't let him. I'm bad as hell, I know it. Bite me. So I was right there on his ass as he crossed over into foreign films. When Seamus saw I was still there, his eyes widened, and he swallowed hard, trapped, and blindly grabbed a flick off the shelf and headed for checkout. I strolled outside, but when I was at the door and glanced back over my shoulder, the boy's eyes were working me over sideways from the downward direction of his precious gaze. Busted.Well, I'm here to tell ya, Seamus practically busted the glass doors off their damn hinges in his haste not to lose me, and what does he find as his feet twist beneath him and he stumbles? Jay the shameless, that's who, leaning against the building with this nasty- assed grin on my wet lips. Seamus cleared his throat, tried to act cool, and flexed his back, which was unusually broad for a kid of his tender years. He looked everywhere but at me then. But I didn't notice him going anywhere."So how old are you, kid?" I asked, and he took a deep breath that seemed to make his mouth go into a perfect circle and his eyes bug out. His eyes! They're so hot."Fifteen." I know what it took to bite off the rest.I nodded. "Sophomore?"He blushed and cleared his throat again and said through the garble, "Next year."I nodded some more, nailing Seamus with my merciless eyes. He wasn't up to it and flinched."Girlfriend?" I pretended to wonder."Oh, sure!" he gushed and looked like he might puke."Well, hope you two enjoy the movie!" I said, making as if to leave."B-B-B-But wait!" I stopped, turned, and did as he said. "Well, um, I mean, I had one, alright, I mean I had a few, but I got no one keeping me home tonight."The poor dude looked like he was ready to burn in Hell."Oh," I nodded, thinking it over -- right! -- and shrugged. "Come on."I headed for my Jeep. When I opened the door, Seamus was having second thoughts back where I left him, but a little cock of my head brought the kid along."Nobody else at my place tonight," I said softly as we turned out of the lot."Really?" Seamus asked, a touch too fast."Yup."There was silence for a long time, which I broke rudely with a direct, "So, any of those girlfriends ever suck your dick, Seamus?"I heard this little gasp sound, okay, kind of choking. "W-What?""Just curious, man. I mean, girls are stingy with head -- no matter how cute the boy is.""Yeah!" Seamus laughed, scared as hell."So, didja ever get lucky?""Oh. Sure. All of them."What a liar!"Wow! You must be packed.""Actually, I am."Seamus never hesitated, and when I turned my head to see his face so close to me, he was staring forward with a far-off look in his eyes and a satisfied bob of his cute head. I knew that was the truth."I gotta take a piss bad," I admitted."Same here."The street was dark with trees on both sides and not much traffic. I whipped Jeep to the side and said "Come on, dude, it's cool here," and Seamus followed cautiously. We stood with our backs to the passenger door and the street, and I was first to whip it out as Seamus was unable to keep his eyes off my hands and what they unveiled."Ohgod!""Come on, whip it out," I winced as my piss cut loose, and I sighed in relief but watched Seamus' trembling fingers Little Lolita undo his shorts and reach through the piss-slit of his Boxers and yank out a real prize, alright. He was half-hard already but let loose with his piss and closed his eyes in relief."That's nice, dude," I praised the boy. His eyes opened and fixed on me, but his piss kept flowing. He grinned and shook his head."Not like yours. I-I didn't know, when I bragged.""A dick's a dick, kid. It's the man who makes it special. Or the boy."Even in the darkness, I saw Seamus blush again. We finished Little Lolita our business, and I was about to pounce on his prime white beef when Seamus stuffed it away again and got back in the Jeep. My own pecker throbbed to full hard as it resisted the worn out jock and warmed my hairy thigh.Neither of us had much to say on the way to the apartment, and when we got there the place was quiet and empty for a change. We didn't even know what the movie was about when I took it out of its case and shoved it in."Beautiful Thing," I mumbled, and added sarcastically, "Sounds great." We were in my bedroom, and Seamus didn't know where to sit. I jumped on the bed and took the middle and patted by my side, and Seamus licked his lips in doubt. "Really," I assured him. My arms went back behind my head, and, as I hoped, Seamus got a good whiff of my funky pits. His eyes drooped as his nose twitched, and he had to hold himself back from doing it, so I whispered, "Go for it, man. Get close and sniff me good."Seamus looked up at me and hesitated, then rolled on his side and put a hand on my chest for support and leaned into my underarm, which was exposed from the open side of the tank top, and went for it! He put his nose right up in my hairs and breathed me in, all of it, deeply, and I saw him shake gently, and this totally hot smile covered his face, and my cock sprayed a gob of Little Lolita precum onto my leg."Lick it," I whispered, breathless, and didn't expect the kid to do that, but he wiggled his nose around in the dampness of my pit, and the next thing I knew his one hand gripped my right pec as his slick, fiery tongue tasted my manly pit spunk!"UH-UHHHHHH-GGGGGHHHHH!" I choked out, my upper body writhing in total delight. Finally I couldn't take it and shoved the boy onto his back, hard. He looked alarmed, but not as much as when I rolled on top of him and straddled his hunky adolescent waist!I had to get my breath back."I-I-I'm sorry!" Seamus said sincerely and would have gone on except that I leaned forward and silenced him with my full, wet, open lips. I felt his riled dick jabbing at me groin, and I know he felt my bad boy slicking up his bare leg. He had no idea how to use his tongue and was overwhelmed by his first kiss from a man, or maybe anybody! But the boy got into it fast enough. His arms wrapped around my muscled back and played with the bulges he found there, and it made him giggle.I took the opportunity to explore his wider mouth with my very hard tongue, tasting his sweet spit and playing with his teeth and soaking wet lips and the roof of his willing mouth...And that's when Seamus tensed all over and gasped, and I knew for sure that he was ready to spew in his shorts, so I got off him fast and put my elbow over his middle and got my hand in his fly and his drippy prick through the hole, and when I went down on that kid he screamed! Total Tarzan jungle time! I felt his cum blasting into my throat and the hardness of his big young cock shaking and spazzing in me, and the taste of his thick spunk filled my sinuses! I pushed down the final distance to his dense, brown pubes and couldn't believe how long the dude came! Finally his voice was hoarse before his pent-up penis stopped throbbing and spraying cream into my belly.When he stopped shaking, I rose up from his dick and swallowed all of his stuff but still tasted it everywhere in me, in my cheeks, my throat, every time I coughed and breathed, and more jiz jumped out of his big hole for me to gobble up. I just had to keep sucking the boy. Whose hands strayed gratefully over my head and back, and he took a long time to settle down to normal breathing, but his cock was going nowhere. Rock hard and quivering still, it was happy to surrender to my mouth's tender loving."Mmmm, that's awesome, Jay," Seamus said dreamily, playing with my ear with one hand and tracing my lips up and down his shaft with the Little Lolita other. "I -- I wasn't sure I could ever do this, of if, if you..."I giggled, but it was choked by his hot bone. I kept at it. I knew I could get another load out of that bad boy in no time, but when Seamus' hands gripped my head and his hips bucked up, and his dick went down my throat again and his pubes tickled my nose, I was still surprised. I choked on the second coming and wondered if I'd get to taste any until he lost his grip on my head and his arms went wild out to his sides! His whole body went off! I squeezed his huge, loose sweaty nuts, and he almost cried in pleasure! I got another mouthful of sperm before the dude shoved my head all the way down again and I felt another insane barrage of cock-spazzes!We paused, out of breath and sweating and smelling sexy, and on the tube was the movie...and two cute British boys were in bed together! No shit. Then one, real shy and soft, touched the other, and before we knew it they were doing that tender, virgin kiss- kiss thing, but they started to get more into it. We didn't notice, because I reached up under Seamus legs and butt and tweaked his funky, untried hole, which he puckered even tighter.But I put my full weight on the boy and pressed his hands by his head and went slowly down his front side, making him nuts with need, and when I got to his balls I sniffed and nosed them and tasted the salt and stuff off them, but the kid wasn't prepared for my mouth up his rump! Fast and dirty! I was eating him before his brain could make one and one of it! Then it hit him, and he groaned so deep and manly my cock jumped.I fingered that love hole and sniffed it and licked it and slobbered, and I tasted him all, and Seamus was so damn grateful he held my head and tried to stuff it up in there. I wanted something else in there, though, so without him suspecting, I lubed my pole and slid slowly upward, my thighs moving his, and right after I leaned forward to kiss him I did it. I penetrated the dude without warning. Seamus gasped and looked about as violated as he was!"Fuckin stop it, now, Jay! Oh, please! Stop! Jay!"I wasn't even moving it around yet!"Jay, ohmygod! I'm sorry, but I'm gonna crap all over...oh! Damn! Ahhhhhhhhh! Jesus, Jay, what did you do?"""Still hurt?" I was pumping it steady in and out from head to pubes, and Seamus was relaxed and panting. His hands felt me up all over, and I mean all over."Noooooooo," he breathed. "Damn, dude, your dick makes me feel -- well, shit, it makes me feel whole! Is that faggy or what?""Not at all, Seamus boy," I panted, so spit dripped on his lips, but he licked it up like it was his own."You think, Jay...I think maybe...oh, forget it...""Say it.""FUCK ME HARDER, MAN! GO ON! I CAN TAKE IT! BALL MY SWEET BUTT, JAY!"Well, fuck me, but after that you bet Seanus' ass I did! I lost it. I saw myself like from outt of my body, putting it to his poor scrunched up face and tense body, pounding Little Lolita his ass like my bro still does to me, and it took so long it drove me to the point where I was laughing and crying in this total ecstasy-torture thing!Then I knotted up, from my toes up my legs into my waist and torso and then my neck and head, and Seamus felt it!"OH FUCKIN-A YEAH DUDE! GO, MAN! LEMME HAVE IT, ALL YOUR HOT SEED!"But I cut him off when I damn near screamed, which I never do, and nutted off up Seamus' screwer! I buried it to the pubes and felt each squirt and arched my back to the breaking point as his legs held onto my waist, and I opened my eyes...Just in time to see Seamus wankin it raw three last strokes before it shot off over his head first, then every other blast splatted onto his body, here there and everydamnwhere! What a fucking hot, sexy, spunky, dudely, overheated seed mess! Gad!We had to break after that, other than Seamus snuggling up close and playing with my slick cock, then going down on it and making funny sounds as he tasted us on it, but he cleaned it good with his wet mouth, which he then shared with me, thank god.I mean, nothing's tastier than two hot young men's insides messed all together. Call me sick, but fuck you.
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